Buying Wide Fitting Trainers For Children
Buying Wide Fitting Trainers For Children

Buying Wide Fitting Trainers For Children

Squeezed Into “Fashion” Trainers
It is commonplace to see small children wearing fashion trainers around town or in nurseries. These have often been bought ‘off the shelf’ at the local football club or sports shop by a parent eager for their child to look sporty and to be ‘part of the crowd’. However, all too often, these trainers are not the correct size and the fit chosen is too narrow for small, soft, chubby feet funky fit gym leggings .

Foot Development
The foot of baby is made up solely of soft cartilage. This cartilage continues to develop and harden into bone throughout their early years. However, not until they are an adult of around 17 or 18 years will the bones have completely ‘fused’ and hardened.

Statistical data shows that as children are becoming bigger and fatter with obesity rates rising, so children’s feet are becoming wider and deeper. Unfortunately, the regular sports brands do not seem to have identified this yet – their footwear still being very sleek and narrow in appearance and fit. Trying to squeeze a wide fitting foot into these sports brands not only leads to bruising and blisters in the short term but major foot and back problems in later life – all this just so they have a Nike ‘tick’ on their trainers as a child!

Finding a Good Retailer
Therefore as a footwear technologist with over 10 years experience I recommend that trainers should only be purchased from a reputable retailer who not only measures but also fits the trainers onto a child’s foot.

There are now lots of children’s shoe brands that not only offer trainers in width fittings but also attractive, funky and aspiring colouring with branding on them. They are also made from the best possible materials which offer the correct support, shock absorbing properties and breathability as standard. Many of the well known sports brands do not offer these attributes as standard.

9 Top Tips on Buying the Correctly Sized Trainers.
So the next time you are considering which trainers to buy your children and particularly if they have a wide fitting shoe then please consider the following advice:

1. Make sure your child is professionally measured by a reputable high street retailer.
2. Be sure to know what size and width fitting they are. If they were anything over a standard ‘F’ width fitting such as a ‘G’ or an ‘H’ then you should definitely avoid buying a branded shoe off the shelf.
3. Make sure your child tries on the trainer before purchase, ideally when their foot is hot and has been active all day.
4. When the trainer is on, ensure there is a thumb width of growth at the toe.
5. Importantly if your child’s foot is particularly wide, draw your fingers over the top of the foot and around the top of the toes – there should be excess fabric or leather there that you can move. If not, the trainer is too tight.
6. Get the child to run around the shop in the trainers for a good 5 minutes. The sales assistant won’t like it, but you need to see the foot swelling. Then reassess the fit, particularly the width.
7. Remove the trainers and socks. Make sure there are no red marks where the trainer may have dug in. Check the little toe and the inside of the big toe joint particularly.
8. If all this is ok, then make your purchase, but re-check the fit every 3-4 weeks to make sure there is still space for the foot to swell and that there is room for growth.
9. If you cannot get to a shoe shop then buy on-line from a retailer which specialises in shoes and offers free advice on fitting and measuring. Be sure to check their returns policy before purchasing anything on-line.

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